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Opdateret: 21. mar. 2023

BLACK STAR MUSIC præsenterer nu det amerikanske, massivt funky 70'er ikon - Funk/Rock band, Mother's Finest, allerede til August i år.

Mother's Finest har siden 70'erne lavet noget af det fedeste funk/rock man kan opdrive og spillet 1000 vis af massivt sprudlende live koncerter over hele verden. Dog har vejen gået udenom Danmark siden 2004.

Nu præsenteres altså den første og eneste koncert i Danmark i 22 år, hvor vi LIVE skal høre alle megahits, som BABY LOVE, GIMME ALL THE LOVE, SOMEBODY TO LOVE, MICKEYS MONKEY, og mange flere..

Det er stadig Baby Jean Kennedy der står i spidsen - af det 8 mand store orkester - ligeså sprød og funky som altid.

Se video her fra 2021 i Buckhead Theater, UK.

På deres hjemmeside kan man læse meget mere bagrunds-materiale der starter med denne indledning:


""Too Funk for Rock, Too Rock for Funk." Mothers Finest has always been a band impossible to force into artificially-labelled boxes. One of the most energetic and charismatic groups to cut a swath through the music industry, Mothers Finest defies boundaries and creates its own genre. Led by superbly talented vocalists Glenn "Doc" Murdock and Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy, and anchored by the tight, crunchy rhythm section of Gary "Moses Mo" Moore and John "Red Devil" Hayes on guitars, Juan Vandunk on bass, and Dion Derek on drums, Mothers Finest drives through the pocket like a Mack truck and peels the paint off the walls.

Now approaching their fiftieth year of crushing the groove and bangin' their fans' heads upside, Mothers Finest hasn't lost any of their signature energy and passion. These veterans of the music industry - and Georgia Music Hall of Fame inductees - continue to tour, delighting long-time fans and drawing many new ones into the fold.

From the rollicking mashup "Mickey's Monkey" and the soulful "Thank You For The Love" on their iconic album "Another Mother Further," to the bone-jarring funk-metal of "Black Radio Won't Play This Record," the band has never rested on their laurels, and has consistently refined and grown its sound while remaining true to its funk-rock roots.

They are a live band without peer, and many a well-known artist has regretted having to follow Mothers Finest as an opening act.

Get it. Get it, get it. Get a piece of the Rock."


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